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Icons/graphics used throughout this website
Waiting All newly submitted trips go through the waiting stage until they are checked by our staff. This process takes few moments then will becoming Active.

Package A packet or box that can be transported in the vehicle.

Settings Used on pages where you can change settings for example a user profile or preferences.

Comments Text area where you can place a comment or read others comments.

No/Not Available Items or features that are not accessible or available to you.

Edit Information you can edit, for example your profile or own listings.

Favourite Click on it to add the selected item to your favourite.

Home Page Click this item to go to the home page.

Web Link If visisble, this icon takes you to an external website, mostly used to link to suppliers website.

Facebook A link to facebook®

Locked Information is protected and cannot be accessed without login.

Select Item Click on it to display all the information about the listing.

SMS Message Send a message to your contact with regards to a listing you are interested in.

Logout This will log you out of the website and is available on most pages.

View More If you need extra information about an item.

Print Print the selected page or information on your default printer.

Unlocked Information is not protected and can be accessed once you login.

Next Page/Record Navigates you to next page or item in the database.

Previous Page/Record Navigates you back to previous page or item in the database.

Last Page/Record Navigates you to the last page or item in the database.

First Page/Record Navigates you back to the first page or item in the database.

Rating Rate your contacts using stars.

Find Search the database for items or listings.

Yes/Available Items or features are available.

Key needes Key or code needed.

Information More information about the item.

User Represents user profile.

Notes A comment made by you.

List List of items.

Delete Remove or delete an item, please use with caution.

Twitter A link to Twitter®

Call Phone number to contact other users.

Add To add a new item.
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